Smart rotating backup with rsync

I made a small script, which backups all my important files to remote machine via rsync. Cron runs the script every day. During the update, yesterdays »

Digital distribution is bliss

I was always very disgusted with mainstream music. My relation with it could be clearly explained as hate, for it was something that I strongly disliked »

Google Apps Script/ menu functions with parameters

In Google Apps Script (GAS) there is limitation for menu functions, which cannot obtain parameters (aka. arguments). You define them as Menu.addItem('Menu item display »

Java: switch with "goto case ..."

I found myself in need for jump from one case in switch to another case, to avoid code repetition. Chaining the cases without break; was not »


Lately, one of my friend asked me to cure his ill computer. He has Lenovo laptop with Microsoft Windows. It's bad habit of computer vendors, supplying »