Upgrading the best phone ever

Past several years, I've used smart phones with Symbian OS. The last one was Nokia N8. At first, I can't get used to this phone, but eventually, I started to love it. But suddenly the device passed away and I had to find its successor

Good old Nokia

The Nokia N8 is a true masterpiece of hardware. It has metal case body. The rear cover was made from plastic and the front face covers OLED display behind Gorilla Glass screen and believe me, I wore it in my pocket without additional cover, sometimes with keys, coins or other nasty trifles and it didn't left any notable scratches on the screen.

The display has quite good pixel density, the text was perfectly readable and it offers one really nice feature - screensaver or Glance Screen, as we know it today. It can display actual date and time and some notifications while the device is standby and because the screen is OLED, this feature barelly consumes any power.

As of connectivity, there was hardly ever built pocket device with so much options. It could be connected to TV trough both digital HDMI and analog S-Vdeo Composite interface, so it can send signal to modern LCD panel or even several years old monochromatic TV. It has 3,5 mm audio jack (obviously) and microSD slot (which is not so obvious today). Then there was FM receiver and even short range FM transmitter, so you could stream your music to any FM radio around. It has GPS with built in free of charge and astonishingly good navigation for both car driving and walking with offline maps for the whole world. It has 12MPx camera with xenon flash and Carl Zeiss optics. And what is absolute uniqueness today, it has loop hole for charm, which I found infinitely practical.

It has micro USB port, which you can use for connecting to PC and for charging, but also with attachet reduction, you could plug USB stick into your phone or even connect standard keyboard or mouse or other supported device and it will work as you expect. Unfortunately, I have named almost all supported devices, it even don't support USB hubs, but you could connect mouse and keyboard over bluetooth, use USB port for USB sticks, connect power charger via additional classic Nokia charging connector and if you then attach display device, you get something like desktop PC from a pocket smartphone. All that long before Ubuntu Edge was proposed. But obviously, the performance sucks.

Otherwise it has all connectivity you would expect from such device, it has dual-band GSM supporting up to 3G network and WiFi b/g/n module. The 3G network limit started to be really pain in the ass, but otherwise still very usable today.


As Nokia switched to Windows Phone, the whole symbian ecosystem started falling apart. The apps center was just a joke, certificates for good apps started to expire so I took the suspect, that some evil server in Espoo, Finland spreads mallfunction code for old Nokia devices, to silently urge their owners to buy a new one. Maybe there was no such insidious behavior, but there certainly wasn't any effort to keep service level up.

There's no doubt, that the Symbian platform dies long before my device, but I'm not very demanding in this way. The initial setup of the phone was simply very very rich and because I don't use any social or gaming app, there is not much additional funtionality I can get from app center on any other platform. The phone supports VPN, DLNA even WebDav out of the box, then there was additional downloadable content from Nokia free of charge, such as tiny MS Office suite, MS Exchange server support and more.

The phone was simply very mature, only the lack of shiny UI animations and gestures provided kind of obsolete feeling.

New blood metal

So what did I finally bought? Despite their non customer-friendly policy for past few years, I once again decided to choose Nokia. Mainly because I still strongly believe in their solid hardware design. I bought Lumia 925. Not the latest and greatest, but large just enoug to fit into my pocket, equiped with OLED display, which support my favorite Glance Screen feature and what is most important, can be weared on a charm, which of course needs DIY improvement, but is absolute must.